What is the Cure Video?

I recently was sent a link from a friend to view the "cure video". Honestly, I have seen so many websites and articles and books that claim to have some sort of miracle healing or cure that I really don't give them any where near the attention that I use to. Nowadays I more or less greet them with a yawn. I have to say that I am a bit more skeptical now because there are just too many companies jumping onto the "alternative health" band wagon to make a fast buck. Sometimes it is hard to separate the real ones from the snake oil salesmen but, this "cure video", well it is actually called the One Minute Cure Video (whoa!), really caught my attention.

I watched the video and I think it is something everyone should watch while it is still available. Information like this often disappears without warning off the Internet because this is exactly the type of information that the pharmaceutical companies want to keep you in the dark about and you'll learn why when you see the video. So, while it is free and available I encourage you all to go and watch the "cure video" and then you decide.

Link to the watch the "Cure Video":

One Minute Cure for All Dis-eases

PS - I would like to hear your comments about it -- good, bad or indifferent.

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By Emjae Johnson - What is the Cure Video?

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